Yurts / Gers

Dated: XIII – XXI century

As the first company producing historical tents in Poland, we are proud to offer you a great tent that is yurt. This is a traditional Mongolian house is more than just a tent. The Yurt will provide you, year-round shelter from the rain and cold. With a thick layer of insulation from the saddle-cloth (felt), the Yurt is warm and cozy, and hot days there is a pleasant coolness. In the center of the tent is a designated place on the hearth. A large skylight perfectly discharged smoke, and you can easily start a fire in a Yurt in order to warm up or prepare food.

Machine made of thick impregnated cotton 550g/m2.

The entire wooden structure: skylight, spokes, supports, truss and door made entirely by Tentorium.

Wrought: hinges, handles and round hooks into the ropes.

On request we can do year-round yurt with a felt coat.

This historical tent is designed for 8-12 people.

– Diameter 5 m
– Height 3 m

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