Rectangular pavilions

Dated to the 14th – 18th century

Rectangular doublemast pavilions are historical tents with huge living space 22-35 m2 which can hold not only a big number of beds, but also pieces of furniture and other camp equipment.

We make these historical tents together with wooden masts and spokewheels, which is the most popular solution, even though it is not confirmed in historic sources.

The crows feet system is an alternative solution. This system includes two masts and a construction held on ropes; it is a solution based on iconography.

Sources show rectangular doublemast pavilions as richly ornamented tents for wealthy characters from the top of the social ladder.

Rectangular double-mast pavilion

This historical tent is mechanically made of bleached and impregnated linen.

This historical tent is for 6-10 people.

– Length 5 m
– Width 3 m
– Height 3,8 m

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