Big pavilions

Dated: 11th – 19th century

Historical knights tents are characterized with big dimensions and a complicated masting construction, but thanks to their size they look really impressive.

We make pavilions together with wooden masts and spokewheels, which is the most popular solution, even though it is not confirmed in historic sources.

The crows feet system is an alternative solution. This system includes one main mast and a construction held on ropes; it is a solution based on iconography and the original tent from the museum in Basel.

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Pavilion for 8-12 people.

– Height 4,5 m
– Diameter 5 m

Pavilion – knight’s tent mechanically made of bleached linen. Spoke wheel masting.

This historical tent is for 12-14 people.

– Height 4,5 m
– Diameter 5,4 m

Reconstrucion of the Pavilion from Basel.

– Height 4,5 m
– Diameter 6 m

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