Anglo-Saxon Geteld Vikings A-frame type tents
Cone - Bell tent Soldier tent
Big pavilions Small pavilions
Marquee Shed
Double-mast pavilion
Stall Market-tents
Roman tents Soldier triangles

We produce reconstructions of historical tents on your order. These include:

We will gladly undertake the production of historical tents from other epochs. Beginning with leather Roman tents via Napoleonic marquise ending with cotton cones from World War II.

You are more than welcome to visit our iconography collection.

We offer two versions of historical tents:

- Basic: mechanically-sewn of very thick linen

- Full-reconstruction: hand-made of very thick linen and with linen threads

We also provide poles, iron pegs and natural ropes.

We have been re-creating history and sewing historical tents for a few years now. Our interest in history evolved into a true passion, which bloomed into a thriving company.

Thanks to this, our reconstructions are truly historical, as we believe that you can�t compromise with history.

I am one of the few tent manufacturers on the market and probably the only one who offers hand-made products. I try to realize orders as fast as possible, however in the season time the amount of work I have may lengthen the time of realization up to several months. Therefore, it is advisable to place orders as early as possible, so that you can be sure that you will get your tent exactly when you need it.

Contrary to popular trends, we don't use cotton, as it started to be in popular use only as late as the end of the 16th century. To produce our tents we use natural linen which has the substance weight of 700g/m2 and also impregnated linen. That is why we guarantee the 100% water-resistance of our tents.

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